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Born and raised in New York City, I started racing karts at the mere age of 4 years old. What started off as a weekend activity turned in to a very serious profession of racing karts throughout Unites States and I have never stopped racing since then! 
In 2015 I was approved to test a Skip Barber Formula Car at 13 years of age and it was my first step of transitioning from karts to cars!
Seeking best competition and pedigree I travelled to the UK where I spent most of 2016 testing formula cars at various tracks while continuing to develop as a driver. In addition, A more detailed focus on fitness, nutrition and mental preparation became part of my daily routine. 
This preparation led to participating in the highly competitive British Formula 4 Championship for the 2017 season as one of the youngest drivers on the grid at age 15. 
In 2017 I continued to test more powerful forms of Formula Cars throughout Europe which resulted in focusing all of my attention towards the 2018 season.  
In 2018 I will contest the Championship in a highly competitive European Formula series. 
In my preparation for 2018 I have developed both mentally and physically to prepare myself for the season. I have been blessed to have had the right people and friends around me during my journey where I have learned a lot from and continue to do so. 



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If you are interested in my sponsorship programs please email me. I have several packages for the upcoming racing seasons for 2017 and 2018 while practicing and competing throughout the US and UK.


Josh Schwartz